Historical T S Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

HISTORICAL T S Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

By nature the castor oil is a non-drying oil. This limited in use in the application which need the drying property such as in paint and ink application. Castor oil has to pass through chemical process to make Dehydrated Castor Oil (or DCO), Dehydrated Castor Fatty Acid (or DCO-FA), Highly Conjugated Dehydrated Castor Oil Fatty Acid (or HYDIENE).

Coating system based on DCO, DCO-FA and HYDIENE are noted for high gloss light color, both air dried and force dried, color retention, excellent adhesion, flexibility and impact resistance, excellent resistance to water, chemicals and weather. In polymer systems, they provide flexibility with outstanding durability,

T S Chemical Co., Ltd. was established as Thai-Japanese joint venture in 1990 to produce these plus other products; Castor oil Fatty Acid, Castor Oil Polyol and other specialty products custom made for customers. on case by case basis.

Castor Oil Fatty Acid (or CO-FA) is used in aqueous cutting fluid and coolant for metal cutting and grinding. The system is stable non corrosive and rust inhibitive.

Castor Oil Polyol is super refined castor oil for applications that require high purity, with low moisture and acidity; in electronic industry, urethane reaction, etc.